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Our creations are guided by the qualities of preciously and lovingly crafted materials.

The shapes of our clasps are as iconic as they respond to the sense of ultimate practicality.

Innovation must be a sign of comfort, simplicity

and sensitivity.

Each model is unique, worked by hand,

thought with the heart and stamped with pride.

Before surrounding your wrist each of our bracelets

is subject to the review of the smallest detail.  

Your total satisfaction is far from being one.

AlanneB SIGNature

A signature that is based on the bias to say that luxury is not a rule, unless it is adjusted to the size of your desires.

Desires for darkness, sparkles, soft forces, pure lines

and comfort to wear.

Mix of style and inventive technicality, range of subtleties

and malignant inspiration... so many guiding criteria to

stimulate the creative and exclusive character of our jewelry.

Alanne B is the style of all forms of desires,

thought for each of our bracelets add, add and match so that your wrists become the emblem

of your own personality.


SmARTisans jewelers

Wearing Alanne B jewelry is adopting the smART attitude.

It's dressing your wrists in non-futile and useful ways to serve the idea that a bracelet can be innovation.

Alanne B settling for a single model for all wrists is in itself a design in response to the "measured" purchase.  

Our positioning as Smart ARTisans responds to our fervor for crafting with meaning, responsibility and consideration.

Our bracelets are certified "Origine France Garantie",

made in our workshops and real concentrates

of the best French know-how.

Fans of the circuit-cool, we rely on close, sincere, human relationships, proud of each other.

Activists of Guaranteeing French Origin for each of our bracelets, we work daily to ensure that our jewels display other ornaments than the pretenses from far away elsewhere.

We are committed to ensuring that each of our creations is an icon of the values of French know-how.

How to properly adjust your bracelet

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