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The brand

Alanne B

smART & MiX Jewelry

Jewelry can be remarkable for different reasons.

Our bracelets are noted for the very essence

of those who make their originality.

Our jewels are smart because a unique model can be adjusted to all wrists, whatever their size...

(Patent and bronze medal at the 2019 Lépine competition) .

Our jewels are androgine without it getting in the way and escaping

to virilities assumed as to the highly feminine.

Our bracelets do not classify or lock themselves into any genre, nor do they seek to indulge in a consensus style.

Alanne B offers smart jewelry, perpetual creativity

and from a timeless source.

Our jewels resemble us and bring us closer to you.


Anne & Alain B

The ABC of Loving Well Creating

Creation guides each of us, in our everyday lives as in the days when it decides our lives.

We have brought these two notions together in the couple that we form. Anne in the exercise of creation that no dictionary classifies or lists, Alain in the ease of knowing how to extend what a creation calls for in order to live and exist.

We are a couple, a binomial, a duo... out of “pairs”.

We are one and only one Alanne B.

We create jewelry to create the pleasure of being you.

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